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What You Can Expect from My Virtual Assistant

At My Virtual Assistant, we have spent 10 years developing the perfect business model so that now you can run a profitable, successful virtual assistant business simply and easily using effective processes and procedures that really work. You get to do the work you love for clients you enjoy working with, and you can fit your working life around your other commitments.

Gone are the questions about what equipment do I need, how much should I charge, how do I get clients. There’s no steep learning curve where you make all the mistakes and find all the pitfalls. No getting your rates wrong, no not getting paid for work you’ve done, no clients calling you at all hours of the day and night because they’ve got something that really needs to be done right now.

We’ve been through it all and as a result we now have a business that works like clock work, a business that you will find a joy to run.

You will benefit from putting into practice all the systems and procedures we have put in place to really streamline your business and maximise the number of clients you win through our highly effective marketing materials and client intake process.

We are committed to ensuring the success of our Franchisees and we aim to make your transition into a flourishing virtual assistant as simple and straight forward as possible. We want to get you off to the best start possible and have put together a phenomenal package to get you off to a flying start and keep you motivated and on track with your virtual assistant business.

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A Note From One of the My Virtual Assistant Franchisees

Being made redundant after 20 years with the same company and possessing a wealth of administrative and accounting/payroll experience in an SME environment, I needed to find a way to make a living. In my previous employment, I had enjoyed a certain a certain degree of autonomy, and was confident that I had the skills and experience to run my own business.

I had considered setting up my own virtual assistant business a couple of years prior to being made redundant, and the UKAVA and websites were my main points of reference and inspiration. However, life got in the way and my plans were put on the back burner. After my redundancy was announced, I decided that self employment was the best option for me and went straight back to and UKAVA for guidance.

Joanne Smith

To my delight, I discovered that the My Virtual Assistant Licensee program had been developed by My-VA director Justine Curtis, designed to assist people such as myself setting up as a virtual assistant.

After reading comprehensive and straight forward documentation about the program and having a very friendly and informative chat with Justine, I decided to sign up as a My Virtual Assistant licensee.

The combination of Justine’s support and advice, and the excellent Training and Operations Manual makes the whole process of setting up us a VA a much less daunting task. The manual takes you through the process step by step, leaving no margin for error as it is has been developed by Justine and her team based on their vast experience and expertise.

Signing up with the My Virtual Assistant Licensee program has made the process of setting up as a virtual assistant a much less daunting experience than I anticipated, and I highly recommend that anyone embarking on a career as a VA takes the My Virtual Assistant Licensee program into serious consideration.”

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